Hullo there, I’m Marta, I live in Poland and am getting my double degree in energy engineering and electrical engineering at a uni in my nearly-hometown. So exciting, right.

Stuff I like: coffee, milky tea, science, maths, Stephen Colbert, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, nice music, aesthetically pleasing architecture and design, Manchester United, some movies, some tv shows, some actors, some good football from time to time, and some other things.

Shit I enjoy: having opinions; being an insufferable douchebag & asshole & self important bitch; complaining about professors, classes, classmates and basically everything uni-related; staying indoors and performing differential equations all evening; constantly switching from insecurity to narcissistic overconfidence and back; writing obnoxiously long, annoying and monotonous tags; being told compliments by people I deem respectable and/or influential.

I may have a habit of bitching about work overload and then deciding to catch up on two weeks worth of fake news instead of studying, because of important reasons. Oh, also, I’m a shameless attention whore.

Apparently these goddamn studies - which I love! - can take up all my energy and be super exhausting at (all the) times, so, to your relief, I may not be around much; but worry not, tumblr, I’m never gonna give you up!